An order of pork with a side of everything


One of my favorite things about food in Korea is banchan, or the wide array of colorful and wide-ranging little plates and bowls of side dishes.

Every time you go into a restaurant–even the cheapest diners where you will at least get a tray of kimchi and radish on the side–your table is completely covered with small plates.

I find that it often looks like a work of art. And it is.

From yellow bean sprouts to green onions to marinated mushrooms, spicy kimchi, pickled squid and salty sardines, there is never a shortage of tasty, mouth-watering veggies on your table. And the best part of all–they are bottomless.

As soon as you finish one, a waitress is surely to zip by and replace it with another full bowl. And these side dishes are free, and are expected with your meal.

So if you’re in Korea, don’t be afraid to branch out and try some of these sides. They just might surprise you.

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