It’s 5 o’clock somewhere


Sorry we have been slow to blog recently but things are busy here in the land of kimchi. Spring is here and the flowers are blooming and the temperature is rising (finally!).

We took full advantage of this most wonderful weather last weekend with our first camping trip of the season. As you might remember, we love to camp, especially on the beautiful islands south of us, just a quick ferry ride to paradise.

We got a big group together and headed to our old favorite–Bigeumdo, a beautiful island with big beaches, big skies, big mountains and lots of salt flats.

We lazed under the sun, walked a tight rope one awesome couple set up at our campsite, played soccer, went running, grilled lots of meat and veggies, told stories around a campfire, and just had an amazing time.

This is the first of three weekends that Whit and I are headed out of Gwangju. Next up: the amazing Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul next weekend.

But for now, enjoy the pics from last weekend.


  1. that looks like it was sooo fun!
    I hope some day to go to Korea and meet you guys!
    you seem like fun people.



  2. Hell! These are some wonderful pictures!


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