King of the Mountain

On June 26th I am planning on running across Wolchulsan National Park in Korea and I am very excited. 
I will be running the second annual “King of the Mountain” race organized by fellow ex-pat Stuart Aird that will benefit the Environmental Awareness Education Program. The EAEP is a program conceived by another ex-pat and Gwangju resident Andrea Hildebrand.  They volunteer their time to teaching elementary school kids to be more eco-concious.  This is a very worthy cause given that littering in the streets of Gwangju is done on such a casual basis by many of its residents.
Korean combat hiking on Wolchulsan. Don’t be fooled Korean hikers are some of the nicest people in the world.

Here is more information from the King of the Mountain website.  Go here to register.

The challenge is on. To run from one side of Wolchulsan to the other and claim the title of “King of the Mountain!”The race will take you from near sea level, almost vertically up to 809 meters above sea level, then across a ridge to the second peak of 743m and down the other side, finishing about 8.6 kilometers later, in the beautiful temple surroundings of Dogapsa.

There will be an entrance fee of W5000 (possible to pre-paid on regristration). This year the profits will go to a group trying to raise awareness and empower the youth of Korea to care for their environment. The non-profit orginisation is called Environmental Awareness Education Program.

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