Lindsay’s weather forecast for tomorrow: Sunny with more blog posts


Sorry for our ridiculous lack of blog posting. But life has been hectic for us in Korea lately. But, no worries, we will make up for it.

One thing that has kept me from doing more productive things like blogging is my recent obsession with a new Korean drama, Personal Preference. If anyone out there is bummed that all your regular TV viewing programs are on their summer hiatus, then I have a suggestion. KOREAN DRAMA.

As Whit says, they were made specifically with me in mind. They are cheesy. Romantic. Infinitely naive. And ALWAYS have happy endings.

We just finished this latest Korean drama, Personal Preference, starring hunky Korean heart throb Lee Min-Ho as a guy who pretends to be gay to move into this girl’s awesome house (he’s an architect). Of course, they fall in love. And everyone lives happily ever after.

There are a few great sites that offer these Korean dramas with English subtitles. My favorites are and our recent favorite,

P.S. And I’m sorry if you don’t get the title of this blog. Watch a few Personal Preferences, and you’ll be hooked to Gae-in’s daily weather forecasts.