I want to ride my bicycle

Annyong! Lindsay here on a lovely Monday afternoon in Gwangju.

Well, summer has finally made it’s hot, humid appearance–and this weekend, it showed up with a few bangs, rolls of thunder, flashes of lightning and even some hail.

Of course this was about 10 minutes after blue skies and the 85-degree weather lured us out of the apartment on our bicycles (I got a new one!) with a watermelon in our basket and the peaceful rice fields on the edge of the city as our destination.

Just as we stepped into our favorite little lake- and rice field-adjacent pagoda, the skies opened up. Large plops of rain covered the constant croaking of the bull frogs and we realized we were stuck. But, we weren’t worried, we had watermelon, which we sliced open and shared with our friend and a few Korean kids out on a triple date (ha!).

An hour went by and we realized this storm was not going anywhere. We were going to have to make a run ride for it. As the rain let up for a solitary moment, we hopped on our beach cruising bikes and headed back across the rice fields toward home. Of course it was at that moment, as we were out in the open, that the skies opened again and hail started falling, lighting streaked the sky and thunder rolled. I narrowly missed a bullfrog hopping from one rice paddy field to another. (Whit says he didn’t realize I could move that fast on my bike. ha.)

It was one of those moments that felt like we were in a movie. We were soaked, laughing and shrieking until we pulled over at a small Buddhist temple to get shelter and a dry towel from the nice monk lady with the bald head.

We eventually made it home, despite the fact my summer dress was completely soaked.

What a fun afternoon. Here are a few pics from around town (sans the rain) of my new bike.

This woman, above, cracked me up because as I stood here taking a picture of her walking backward, she continued to keep walking backward until she ran into me.

These two men didn’t know each other but sat down together under a bridge downtown and just sat quietly and watched the water go by.

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  1. Carleigh says:

    Can you guys recommend any good places to swim around Gwangju? It's so nice this week and I want to try to find some water but don't necessarily want to bus all the way to Mokpo to find some!


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