Life in the fast lane

Life has turned into a crazy whirlwind for us this week.

We signed a contract on an amazing new apartment, which we will move into in August. And, in a stroke of pure unluckiness, someone is now ready to move into our current apartment and we have 3 days to get out. This is just part a long stream of a boring drama with our landlord, who is not a very nice person.

So, long drama short, we’re somewhat homeless for a month or so. But don’t worry, we’ve got grand plans.

Next week we’re gonna travel around this beautiful country. And the following Tuesday, we’re flying out for a two-week stint in the Philippines.

We’ll definitely be blogging about our travels and experiences. So stay tuned! 

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  1. aww-man that sucks! I hope you guys can find some where to stay, while your semi homeless.


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