Running for two

On Sunday, we participated in the Pink Marathon 10K.

In Korea, all running races are called marathons, despite the distance. And this one was a 10K and a 5K, and was held to raise money and awareness for breast cancer in Korea.

We had signed up a month ago or so. I knew I was pregnant, but I also knew I could run it. I’ve still been running a lot (albeit much slower and not as far). So I figured I would make a goal to run it slower than a certain time, rather than faster.

It was a fun goal, and I made it. Whit, on the other hand, finished in 39 minutes, and had time to run to our current home, grab the camera, and ride his bike back to the finish line before I finished.

It was a great race for me, despite my slower time. And, of course, it wasn’t too shabby of a first race for the little one inside!! Hopefully the first of many to come (on his/her own!).


  1. Mike says:

    Hey Guys,

    It's totally off topic but, I couldnt see any other way of sending you guys a message. Don't shout at me. 😛

    Do you have any recommendations for islands in the south that are nice to visit? Secluded beachyness and all that.




  2. s says:

    Congratulations from a reader. What a lucky child this will be, to have two such talented and intelligent people for parents.


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