Day 1: Philippines

Hello from Cebu!

We made it safe and sound to the city of Cebu, Philippines, after our late-night flight last night. Cebu is only a resting place for us as we head out to main destination of Siquijor tomorrow afternoon. (That trip involves a 5-hour ferry ride!) A map in case you’re wondering where in the world we are.

But this morning, we headed out to see a few sights around the city of Cebu. We took in a few old churches–Ferdinand Magellan’s lasting Catholic legacy on the island. More than 90 percent of Filipinos are Christian. And the churches we’ve seen so far are outstanding.

The Basilicia Minore Del Santo Nino, which we toured this morning, dates back to Magellan’s time in the 1500s. It’s survived several fires, and is still standing from when it was rebuilt in the 1700s. Amazing!

Of course my favorite part of our morning was the much more raw walk through Carbon Market, a maze of small streets lined with yellow bananas, pecking chickens, and raw urban living.

We are excited to head out tomorrow to our little island of paradise where we will set up shop. Because it’s a busy recruiting time for me, we’ll have wi-fi everywhere we go so we will definitely keep you updated on our adventures. And for you mothers out there, don’t worry about me (Lindsay). We’re taking it easy and slow, touring and traveling at the pace of a turtle, or, more aptly, a pregnant woman.