Our tropical paradise

Hello from Siquijor, Philippines!

When we die, I think we will go to Siquijor. It’s literally a heaven on Earth–with happy, smiling, friendly residents; beautiful coral reefs, thousands of palm trees; beautiful rustic cottages on the beach; blue-green waters; sunsets that light the sky on fire; and a peace and quiet I haven’t experienced in years (being that I live in Korea!).

And on top of all that, there is wi-fi! Of course, I had that planned out before we came so I wouldn’t miss a beat on the recruiting front.  Other than the twice-daily power outages, it works just fine. 🙂 Below, our cottage.

We spent our first day here in the sea right in front of our cottage. I’ve never been a big fan of snorkeling, this stemming from a bad experience in Panama City Beach one time on a youth group trip. Since then, I have been scared of what’s in the water. I don’t wanna know what’s swimming beneath me!


But, per usual, Whit talked me into a pair of too-large scuba goggles, some flippers, and pulled me out into the sea. After my initial freak-out that there is life under that blue-green water, I started breathing normally through my mouth piece. And then, we swam out to the coral. And my whole view of snorkeling changed in an instant.

Purple starfish! Amazing coral formations! Starfish with knobs on them (we Googled them: Chocolate Chip Sea Stars); Nemo fish (clown fish) and multitudes of other things that I had only ever seen on trips to the Chattanooga Aquarium or in the expensive fish tanks at E-mart in Korea.

It was amazing. Whit and I swam back and forth pointing out things for hours. And of course, ended up with backs as red as the tropical fish. Stupid!

Today, we spent the day with long sleeves shirt on as we cycled around our area of the island. I’ve got loads of pics from that, too, but am waiting until tomorrow to upload those.

Until then….

P.S. We started adding photos back to our Picasa gallery. Check them out on the right!