4 years, 10 countries

Hello. Hola. Annyong. Bonjour. Namaste.

We just celebrated four years of wedded bliss. And, as a way to look back to see what we’ve done in four years, we started going through our favorite keepsakes–our photos. And we realized that we have been to 10 countries in that time.

So we went through the pictures of each country and picked out our favorite 1 or 2. So, without further ado, here they are.

1. Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, 2006 (our honeymoon!)

2. Thailand, 2007 (a two-week adventure before we started teaching in Korea)

3. Korea (2007 – present)

4. China (2008)

5. Vietnam (2008/09) (with our friends Sam n Rik)

6. Cambodia (2008-09)

7. India (2009)

8. France (2009)

9. Canada (2010)

10. Philippines (2010)

To many more years and countries!

7 thoughts on “4 years, 10 countries

  1. Jenna says:

    Good for you guys! You have done some amazing things in some amazing countries–keep it up, don't ever quit! When your children get old enough, take them too! (congratulations by the way!) You will just keep getting more and more amazing stories, and be those rare North Americaners with children aware of culture!!

    Love all the travel!



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