Second Half

Lindsay and I are back in Korea after two blissful weeks in the Philippines.  Our time away from Gwangju seemed long overdue after only 4 full months on the peninsula.  Somehow, it seemed like we had worn out our welcome in South Korea. People seemed a little less friendly, many of our friends were moving on with their lives in their home country and the forces of nature seemed to be blowing against us.

But we have returned with a new attitude.  The monsoon rains are cooling off the hot days, in the evenings you can almost feel fall in the air, we finally have a motel room we can call our own for a month and new friendships are beginning to bud.  Not to mention our baby grows a little more everyday.  It seems after a slow and rocky start in the Land of the Morning Calm life in Korea has returned to normal.

When we arrived home from the Philippines we were giddy with excitement to return to Korea.  Somehow the place that we barely waved goodbye to 2 weeks prior, welcomed us back with open arms.  Now things look up.  The weather has cooled, the sun is out and the kimchi tastes more delicious than it did before.