Home sweet home

Lindsay here. Sorry we’ve been slow to blog the past couple weeks. But we’ve definitely stayed busy while we made the transition to our new home.
I know a lot of you back home were worried about a pregnant chick and her baby daddy living in one of Korea’s infamous “love motels,” but we survived just fine. (Even fell a little in love with the motel proprietors and maids and left them with a huge box of fresh Korean grapes).
But now we are in our own home. And when I mean home, it’s like a real house. It’s the first time we’ve lived with so many extravagances in Korea: a bath tub! A dishwasher! An oven! Extra bedrooms and bathrooms! And the biggest thing, literally, space!!!
We really lucked out in this amazing new home. And we hope all of you back home will come to visit us some time. There is a bed waiting.

Don’t worry, Mom. I didn’t drink the wine (even though I wanted to!). It was for some guests we had over!

The view from our kitchen!!


  1. Euna says:

    That pics remind me of my cousin's house!! Exactly the same looking!! I told my cousin to say hello to you if they see you guys! Good to hear that you now have a real “house” and it's really spacious! Love it!


  2. Heather says:

    Your new apartment looks great! I love the view. And am jealous of your dishwasher and oven! 🙂


  3. Donna says:

    I love the new digs…it looks amazingly spacious. Did it come furnished or did you search out all those lovely pieces? I love the credenza. It is the perfect place for the little one's first home. xo


  4. The Whitsons says:

    Love the new space. For reals.


  5. So, glad you guys have such a nice looking home!


  6. Corneice says:

    Looks very nice! Glad you are all settled in and getting ready for your new son's arrival! Enjoy your blogs so much.


  7. Jason Morrow says:

    Me (Jason) and my wife Emily are moving to Gwangju to teach at Songwon Elementary next month. They had a couple quit and they need us. Looking through your blog we were under the impression that is where you guys worked. If so, do you happen to have any pictures of the place they provided for you?

    Also, any advice? Thanks,

    Jason & Emily


  8. Hey Jason and Emily,

    Check out these posts. They all show parts of our apartment that I assume they still rent. It is about 1+ mile from school and 3 rooms with a small kitchen off of the living room. Its only strike is it is just off a busy road, but even that wasn't that bad. It might need a touch up and some love, but we liked living there.

    We hope you enjoy Songwon like we did. We were there from August 2007 until August 2009. Your co-workers can make you feel invisible but the students are UNBELIEVABLE. They made our experience. Very smart and 95% are super sweet. Enjoy!!






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