Sunday sights

I used to not leave the house without my camera dangling off my shoulder. But somehow, tragically, I’ve gotten out of the habit. (Has Korea’s newness worn off?!)

But, I have recently realized this abomination and took my camera to the Gwangju Running Club’s weekly run on Sunday night. Since I do more walking than running these days, I figured it would be a great chance to take pictures as I walk around the city. (I feel like I’ve walked to practically every corner of this town recently…so if you see a big white pregnant lady waddling around, make sure to say hello.)

Here is a little slice of Sunday night’s great weather and active community.


  1. I love your picture taking skills their so good!
    How did you get so good?

    Hope all is well.


  2. Euna says:

    Nice pics with the background of chosun uni!! Miss the fountains and trees of chosun uni in summer!


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