Best city and people in Korea

It’s no secret that we think we live in the best city in Korea–Gwangju.

This was proven yet again last night when we attended a benefit concert for Michael Simning, a stalwart of the expat community scene here in Gwangju. As was said last night, this city and foreign community wouldn’t be what it is today without him.

Over the past decade (plus),  he’s been involved in and created more outlets for expats in Gwangju than one would even think possible. Because of him, we have a blog about our city (sponsored by the city); an amazing foreign radio station; a wonderful foreign restaurant; a much-needed foreign grocery store; and a girls orphanage that has become the mainstay volunteer opportunity for expats in Korea (ha! he did not create the orphans–just helped it become a volunteer opportunity).

I know we’ve said a lot about Michael in the past, but it’s true…this guy has made Gwangju what it is for all us expats. And now, the community is stepping up to help him in his time of need. Three weeks ago, he was diagnosed with leukemia. He has just finished his first round of chemo. But he has a looooong road ahead.

To help with the mountain of expenses that surely awaits him, the community got together last night for a concert fundraiser. Here are a few pics.

And if you’re in Gwangju (live here or just visiting), you can help out just by patronizing one of his two businesses–The First Alleyway (foreign restaurant) or the Underground Grocer (see links above for details).


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  1. C.W. Bush says:

    It's been so heart-warming to see how people have flocked to Michael's side to help. He was the first Gwangjuite I met when I moved there and has stayed in touch ever since I left. A top bloke 🙂

    And yes, Gwangju rocks.


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