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Hello dear readers!
We are currently listed as one of Go Abroad’s top blogs on Korea. And now they are holding a voting contest (popularity contest) to see which blog is the best of the best.
We know all these blogs are great, but we’d love to move up in the standings a bit!

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  1. Anna says:

    hi lindsay,
    great job on your blog, i will vote for you guys. i've come across good information here many times. here's a question for you…
    in your experience have you found an acupuncture clinic in gwangju that has english speaking staff?

    i'd appreciate any advice…
    thanks, anna


  2. A teacher here at Songwon told us you have meetings with other expats in Gwangju. When are your meetings and where? Thanks–Jason & Emily


  3. Hi Anna,
    To be honest, I've only used Korean-speaking acupuncture clinics. I don't know of any English-speaking clinics. But, I would call the GIC (Gwangju International Center). I'm sure they could find one for you if they don't know of one off the tops of their head. Good luck!


  4. Hey Jason and Emily,
    Hope you are enjoying Songwon so far! Yes, please come to the monthly dinners. Simply join the Say Kimchi News group on Facebook and you will get monthly invites to the dinners. The next dinner is Oct. 23!!!


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