Weekend life

Weekends are sacred in Korea.Those two days never last long enough. Before you know it, you’re pressing snooze for the 15th time on Monday morning if you blink too long.

This weekend Whit and I just hung around our apartment (plus one Saturday night date to see Eat Pray Love (looooved it) and eat some galbi.

Whit recently bought a guitar here in Gwangju and I think I have been benefiting most from it. Our little en utero one seems to dance every time he plays.

Our awesome new ficus tree. Love it. And the 80-year-old man who carried delivered to our apartment. (we thought he might have a heart attack!)

Home sweet home (we’re on the 12th floor)

Koreans are forever drying out strange foods in the parking lot.

A walk around the dong (neighborhood)

Nothing says autumn better than fall flowers.

A Korean home stopped in time.

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