Say Kimchi!

It’s kimchi festival time in Gwangju!

While Korea might be facing a cabbage shortage, it was not evident at Gwangju’s colorful Kimchi Festival.

We headed out on Saturday for a couple hours, made some kimchi and just strolled under some beautiful fall foliage.

Get out there while you still can. The festival runs through Wednesday!

Kids dancing with the giant gochu (red pepper)

Say Kimchi recuits living it up at the kimchi fest!

Another Say Kimchi recruit making kimchi

Love this photo. Ajumma love.

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  1. C.W. Bush says:

    I *will* make the kimchi festival next year, I swear! I can't believe I lived in Korea's kimchi capital for two years and didn't once make it.

    I'm ashamed, really :-p


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