Gyeongju–Korea’s museum without walls

If there is one place that you should not miss visiting while in Korea, it’s Gyeongju. This thousands-year-old town is awesome.

It’s home to huge mounds where kings were once buried (in the center of town); old Buddhist temples hidden in the beautiful mountains; and an old granite carving of a giant Buddha that dates back to 750. Seriously, this place is old.

In a country where Japan pretty much wiped out anything old, it’s nice to see a few things that survived. (Though, of course, not all of it did—much has been rebuilt after the occupation).

Whit and I headed there this weekend on our first road trip in our own car! It was awesome. It was definitely interesting to drive the two-lane road up and down the mountains to get there. We got a different perspective that we normally would have missed as we snored the four hours away to get there on a bus.

But Gyeongju is also a great place to go to without a car—-because you can rent both bikes and scooters just outside the bus terminal and zip and pedal all over this ancient city. And, honestly, there is no prettier town in Korea. Even the gas stations have the traditional tiled roofs.

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber. Here are a few pics from our mini-vacation—we think our last before the baby comes!! (Wow. Life is about to change.)

Love the halmoni carrying her little one in the traditional Korean way.

Green space! Wonderful!

We decorated a tile from the temple for our son.

2 thoughts on “Gyeongju–Korea’s museum without walls

  1. C.W. Bush says:

    Gotta love those autumn colours!

    I'm glad to see I wasn't alone in not having visited Korea's most historic site in my time there. It's high on my list next time around.


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