Run, Gwangju, Run!

The Gwangju Running Club

It was a marathon weekend in Gwangju for those of us in the local running club.

Whit, bless his soul and his organized spreadsheets that I like to poke fun at, organized a huge team event for the Gwangju Running Club, a group he started earlier this year.

It was for a local half marathon and 5K in nearby Damyang, a small town about 30 minutes outside of Gwangju that is famous for its lovely bamboo forest and even lovelier metasequoia (dawn redwood tree) road.

He came up with the idea to sign a bunch of expats up for it earlier in the summer. And in the end, more than 30 of us took a bus out there together to run the race and have a large picnic lunch there afterwards.

For many people, the race was their first half marathon or first 5K, and it was so much fun to see the excitement (and yes, tears!) on the faces of those runners when they crossed their first finish line. It made me remember why I love running so much.

Of course, I don’t need a reminder of this. I haven’t ran in a couple months now, and I can’t explain how much I miss it. But I did WALK my first 5K and, despite feeling a little silly at the start, had a great time.

I carried my camera along the way (why not?) and took pictures of those on the course—luckily, the stars (or redwoods I should say) aligned and I was able to catch all the 5K runners along the beautiful redwood-lined road in the peak of fall color here in Korea.

Also, I would be remiss (I have always wanted to use that phrase!) if I didn’t mention that Whit and his two good running buddies ran ANOTHER half marathon on Saturday, where Whit bested his personal record for an amazing time of 1:21.

Fighting, Gwangju Running Club!!!

The race on Saturday in Suncheon.

Justin, Dan, and Whit pose after they all finish sub-1:30!

The Damyang half marathon and 5K with the Gwangju Running Club!

Rocking the Movember mustaches!! Love it.

Get ready!

Get set!

This little mom pushed her son on his bike the whole 5K. And, yes, they beat me.

I can’t help but think this looks like a beer gut.

We celebrated Marie’s birthday (from the Mokpo Running Club!)

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  1. C.W. Bush says:

    While it looks like I won't be in Gwangju next year to become a member of the club, I'm still looking forward to getting down there to run a half marathon at some point. Looks like fun!


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