Thank you for Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving here in Korea last weekend with a group of friends. Everyone came over, dressed up, and brought the best of their home-cooked recipes.

We had everything from a slow-cooked turkey (delicious! and available through special order at the local foreign grocery store, though not cheap); sweet potatoes; garlic mashed potatoes; apple sauce; salads; chocolate-covered pretzels, cheese cake; and homemade pumpkin pies.

It was nice to share Thanksgiving with non-Americans as well. It was our Irish friend Finbarr’s first Thanksgiving–who we convinced that an integral part of the holiday was the “traditional” slow clap–something started when everyone started saying what they were thankful for as we went around the table.

No matter what corner of the world you hail from, it’s so wonderful to come together around a cozy table and just simply share thanks.

We toasted to the engagement of Chris and Lucy!!

What’s Thanksgiving without a little American football?


  1. Tamz says:



  2. The Whitsons says:

    Good looking group of kids. Happy Thanksgiving, Altizers.


  3. Donna says:

    I loved the pictures – you all do have a good time. But, of particular note was the caption that Chris and Lucy are engaged. Please pass along congratulations from Mike and me!


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