Crossing the finish

Annyong, Lindsay here.

We spent the weekend with the growing Gwangju Running Club (yet again). This club has been Whit’s baby and it’s grown so much since the spring when about four of us met once a week for a run.

This weekend a group of runners headed down to Goheung, a small town in the southern part of Jeolla province. It’s also the home of Korea’s space program, or at least where they shoot off the rockets, interestingly enough.

While there was a 5K option, I opted out and decided to just cheer on the others who were participating. Whit was running his first full marathon (in Korea, anyway). He did amazing, as always. I love to cheer him on. And I love even more seeing other people finish races for the first time. It’s such a neat experience. I guess I remember how it feels to cross the finish line for the first time, to do something you never thought possible. What a remarkable feeling.