Showered with love (and needles)

Annyong! Lindsay here on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. This is the first day in a long while that I don’t have  to-do list (or the corresponding honey-do list). Getting ready for baby has been keeping us working in overdrive.

I just got my weekly pregnancy update e-mail this morning (36 weeks!) and am convinced the baby has dropped (meaning he will make his appearance in the next few weeks.

Yesterday, a few good girl friends hosted  a baby shower for me and little Finn. We came up with the idea (thanks to my friend Summer back home in the States) to decorate onesides, which my family sent over with their own decoreated ones.

We didn’t have a sewing machine and our scissors were meant for cutting kimchi, but we had a great time sitting around decorating the onesies. From Florida fish fins to a dazzling tuxedo (only to be worn to the opera or to meet chicks says the creator), the onesies are so much fun.

I really hated that my mom, sisters, and all the other wonderful women in my life weren’t here to take part, but it was nice to have their contributions mailed here beforehand.

Whit and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family all over the world. Our little Finn is one lucky little kid.

Paintings I crafted for Finn’s room. These have animal sounds written in Korean. I love how animals make different sounds in different languages!


Finished products!



A onesie sent from Tony and Caroline in Canada.




Suzanne made these awesome hats for father and son.






We decorated the onesies with old clothes.


Guests are starting to wonder if they accidentally happened upon a labor camp.







Love this! Cassie, the creator, says this can only be worn to the opera or to meet girls.