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Annyong, Lindsay here.

Whit found this in the local paper out of Damyang, a small town 3o minutes outside of Gwangju where he ran a half marathon and I walked a 5K recently. Our little guy made it into the news!!

See the full article here.

▲ 임신8개월의 몸으로 5Km에 도전해 성공한 Lindsay Altizer. 린제이는 번호표에 아기이름 ‘FINN’을 써놓고 함께 뛰었다. 남편 Whitney Altizer는 하프코스 12위를 기록했다. 아래사진은 남편 휘트니.

Lindsay Altizer succeded the 5km course with her 8 months pregnancy. She ran with her baby’s name ‘FINN’ on her running shirt number. Her husband Whitney Altizer came in as the 12th. The picture below is her husband Whitney. 

And from the article:
또 임신 8개월 만삭의 몸에도 5Km 코스를 완주해 주위를 놀랍게 해 린제이 알티저(Lindsay Altizer)는 달리기를 마친 후에도 힘들어 보이는 기색조차 없어 평소 달리기로 단련된 건강을 자랑했으며 남편 휘트니 알티저(Whitney Altizer) 또한 하프코스를 15위로 입상해 부부간의 건강과 사랑을 과시했다.
Lindsay Altizer didn’t look any tired after completing 5km course even though she was 8 months pregnant. She surprised everyone with her running as she’s been running and keeping her health in good condition. Her husband Whitney Altizer also completed the half course as the 15th, Lindsay and Whitney showed off their love and healthy life.


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  1. C.W. Bush says:

    I totally used you as a positive example for my pregnant sister over the weekend. She is very reluctant to do any exercise while pregnant and I told her about how you had just run/walked a 5km. Proof that you can still remain active when pregnant.


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