The Great Escape to West Virginia

I love teaching college. But it is also a great thrill to be able to teach Korean kids once a semester. After spending 2 years teaching some of the smartest and cutest kids in Gwangju, I can’t help but love my 4 weeks teaching Chosun University kids camp. At the end of the four weeks we put on a skit for the parents. After teaching my students the songs “Country Roads” and “Going to the Zoo,” the only logical thing to do was to write a play about the zoo and West Virginia. After brainstorming with my students about what should happen in the play, here is what we came up with. Enjoy.

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  1. cherie says:

    I remember singing “Going to the Zoo” in kindergarten! We were supposed to class in unison AND sing AND sway. I didn't (and still don't) have enough rhythm to carry it off!


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