A 10 p.m. dry-cleaning date

We lucked out and live in a really nice apartment in Gwangju, South Korea. Most apartments are cramped for space–the kitchen and laundry thrown together haphazardly; one bathroom with a shower over the sink; a small apartment building with thin walls between neighbors.

But, we live in a wonderful high-rise with four bedrooms and two bathrooms (unheard of for a couple English teachers here). We have beautiful showers and bathtubs, spacious hard-wood floors, an oven (very rare in Korea), and a huge kitchen and living room. It’s perfect for our newly-expanded family and young son.

But one of the random perks of living here is the dry cleaner located at the entrance of the complex. Two men spend their days in this tiny space, ironing shirts and pants with a steam iron that hangs down from the ceiling.

I never have to iron any of my husband’s clothes. It’s so cheap that we use these kind men once a week to dry clean and iron his work clothes.

Once they finish, they drive their motorcycle up to our building and deliver the clothes themselves. And this is never until after 10 p.m. A little strange. But we’ll take it.

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  1. Andrea says:

    I live in Pocheon and here they charge 3,000W per shirt. What do they charge there?


  2. Andrea says:

    I live in Pocheon city-way up North. Here the drycleaner charges 3,000W to wash and iron a shirt. What is the charge there?


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