Neighborhood blips

As part of my new Blipfoto blog, “Life is a Blip,” I headed out this morning with my camera (and taxes!) to walk to the post office. I stopped and took pictures of a lot of scenes that seem normal to me now in Korea. Here are some snapshots of the walk.

Fish. It’s what’s for dinner.

Milk ladies can be seen all over Korea, always dressed in yellow and pushing their yellow carts of milk and yogurts.

Retired Koreans often push these carts filled to the brim with cardboard. They make about $3 a day.

A man sells fruits and vegetables from his truck. These trucks can be heard coming from miles, as there are loudspeakers attached to them screaming their offerings and prices.

Displaced chairs are a common sight around Korea, despite the fact Korean rarely sit down to relax.

Who wouldn’t wanna eat here?

The only sign of a nearby temple is these colorful lanterns celebrating Buddha. 

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  1. Geri says:

    Thanks for the look at daily life…keep these great photos coming please.


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