Running the trails of Korea

I thought running in South Korea would be terrible. I envisioned crowded sidewalks and lots of pollution. I even thought I’d have to give up my passion to live here. I was so wrong. South Korea is full of great places to run. Through rice fields, gravel paths around reservoirs and the trails. Oh, the trails. Up and down and around every mountain in the country, trails are ubiquitous. Sometimes they are full of geared-out hikers, but if you catch them at the right time (say before 6AM) and in the right season(winter keeps most Koreans inside) you can have the trails all to yourself. From about March to December you can run a well-organized race every weekend. Korea is somewhat of a running country. You might even take up the sport if you move here. Here’s a brief running video of my last outing. A 5 hour run up and down Mudeung Mountain in Gwangju. Enjoy!


  1. wildkiwi says:

    Hi. Do you know of the bukhansan marathon? I'm trying to get entry details. Cheers. rich. NZ


  2. travelz says:

    Hello, I live in gwangyang (near gwangju). I was wondering if you had some information on how do get to the the start of this trail in the video from the bus terminal in gwangju? I love trail running and this one looks beautiful! Thanks! Zac


  3. Ana Morris says:

    This makes me want to run and do some marathon. I want to sweat out my fats and extra carbs.


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