Third time’s a charm

One of the more surreal experiences of my life happened this week. My wife and I arrived back in Korea for a third time. In a new city. At a new school. With a two year old. All this after closing our Korean food truck business. We can’t seem to quit Korea.

Our plane circled around Daegu before we landed and I could make out the neon lights of noraebangs, see the red crosses of churches and watched car lights snake through the streets of the city. It’s strange to be back, but it weirdly feels like coming home.

Our 2-yr old boy is adjusting nicely. He was born here. Korea seems like a part of his soul. He seemed comfortable from the start and is overjoyed about the amount of public transportation we have used. His first full Korean word was “gimbap.” And he stares right back at the Koreans who stare at him.

We plan on resurrecting this once active blog. It’ll focus more on Daegu and Gyeongsan and raising our son in a foreign land. We’ll also do our best to write about living and working in South Korea in 2013. No doubt there will be some blogs about trail running in Korea and traveling in Asia. Hopefully, it will be entertaining and helpful to new or soon-to-be expats.

We’re excited to be blogging again and even more excited about the easy access to kimchi stew.


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  1. cackle881 says:

    It's so exciting to see your blog back up and running! I can't wait to hear more about your adventures in Korea (again)!


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