Things that go…

The thought of making the move across the world with a 2-year old would often wake us up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. Moving him to a foreign world away from family and right around the time he is beginning to speak English seemed cruel, at best. We had to remind ourselves that the world to a 2-year old is what is in front of him. It’s still early, we’re only on day 3, but his Korean world is nothing short of thrilling.
Our son is obsessed with transportation, standard for a male toddler. He grabs one of his cars or trains before heading out the door as if they were his wallet. He comes prepared to play. So Korea has been like a dream come true. Taxis, buses, trains, subways all over the city. Belching their fumes, gliding softly over their rails and honking their obnoxious horns. 

Today, we had a man day while mom went downtown to meet some friends. We took the bus down to the Gyeongsan train station and watched trains come and go. It took a while to coax him away from the escalators (another obsession) but when he saw the KTX come flying through the station it was over. “More,” he said. “Ride?”

Korea for a third time seemed like there wouldn’t be much new see. But with a 2-year old in tow, there have already been things I feel like I am seeing for the first time. Mostly, modes of transportation.