First day of school

Finn went to his first day of Korean preschool today. He was so excited. We packed his backpack, dressed him up, chatted about it for the past month.

He was ALL about it. Led the way down the elevator this morning, out the door and down the short sidewalk a quick 10 steps to the next building, where his preschool is located.

I kept thinking, surely, he’s not so grown up! This is the shy child who sometimes feels like a third dead leg hanging off me.

He walked right in, found a red Porsche toy car, and started playing. Apparently, we lingered long enough for him to figure out the sad reality that Mommy and Daddy weren’t going to STAY at school with him. Oh, tears.

We picked him up four hours later. He seemed to be doing just fine, hanging out in the middle of the playroom with the other kids. There was a small lip quiver when he saw us again, but he walked out strong, giving Daddy a high-five for his first day of Korean school.

It will get easier for him, we know. But, in the meantime, we’re bribing him with the cute cow-shaped cookies at the bakery down the street if he does good tomorrow at school. Moooooooo.


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