Day 2: Almonds, toys, kimchi and less crying!

Day Two at Finn’s preschool was officially deemed a success by all. Oh, I worried about him all morning, my heart heavy as I spent the morning at work. Whit walked him to school this morning, Finn’s little shoulders heavy under his new backpack. Finn tried to talk him into going for a walk, rather than to school.

Whit and I went together to pick him up, expecting another report like yesterday, a typed message from the teachers promising it would get better. (I found that precious little Google-translated message in Finn’s backpack that they sent home with him. I’ll save this forever!)

Today we learned we’ll get such letters every day. What a treat! Today, it looked like this:

It mentions that he cried only a little when Daddy dropped him off, but then played with “good friends.” “He ate a soup bowl of almonds and one yogurt for snack.” “Lunch of rice, beef soup with potatoes, ham, fried rice and kim (salted seaweed), and ate kimchi.”

HE ATE KIMCHI? wowza. What a champ.

He even looked like he was having fun when I peeked through the window in the door when we picked him up. He was in the middle of the fray, smiling and playing.

The best part is they have started sending home a little memory book, and printed out 5-6 pictures of him today. I have to say, this almost made me cry again. But today, they are tears of happiness and pride.

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  1. Rachel says:

    What sweetness! It's got to be so hard to watch him struggle, but I'm always blown away when these little people just go on with their lives like it's all no big deal. I love the translated note they sent home with him, too! Fantastic.


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