Pink Marathon 2013

**This blog was originally published on April 14, 2010. But has been updated for this year’s Pink Marathon.

If you are a runner in Korea it can be quite difficult to hear about and register for organized races. This hit home when once I planned a group run in Gwangju at the exact same time a major marathon was going on in my neighborhood. Even being slightly in the know and being able to recognize the Korean word for marathon, at no point had I heard about this run.

This week someone tipped me off to the Pink Marathon that supports Breast Cancer research that is going on in major Korean cities this spring and summer. It isn’t a marathon but rather a 5K and 10K, but Koreans call any race a marathon. I decided to figure out the registration on my own and have included instructions on how to navigate the registration page that is only in Korean.

For all of those interested in running the 2013 Pink Marathon(5 or 10K) in Busan (4/14), Daejeon (5/12), Gwangju (6/2), Daegu (9/8) or Seoul (10/13)….here is how you can register on your own. These instructions might help for other race registrations too.

Step 1:
Go to the Pink Marathon link.

On the right side click on:
참가신청 하기

Check the three boxes on this page and click on the first block
개인신청 하기

Step 2:
In the scroll box find the city you want to run in: 2013 대구대회
Fill in your name: (이름)
Click on the second circle (기타) and write your nationality
Next box your ailen card number…6 numbers in first block 7 in the second
Then your sex: 여성(woman) or 남성 (man)

When you click the left button at the bottom it will take you to another page.

Step 3
Here you will see:

참가부문—Pick 10K or 5K

추가기부—this is additional donation…the first selection is for nothing. The blank one is for more than 5,000won

주 소—you address….the first part is for your zip code… type in your dong—if you live in Sangmu type in 상무 and find your building number or apartment name. I had to find our block…this will put in your area and neighborhood on the first line after your zip and then put your apartment number-name and apt. number on the 3rd line…if you know your zip code, just look for it, but I think you have to search it this way.

연락처–contact phone number (be sure to fill this in with your mobile if you don’t have a regular line)

휴대전화–cell phone number


기념품–shirt size

구분— Division 유방암환우(breast cancer patient/survivor? 일반-general

유입경로- How did you hear about PM? The last one- 지인 소개 is friend.

비고 – Comments

결제수단-Method of Payment- 1st is bank transfer 2nd is credit card

Click 확인 twice

Step 4

This should take you to a page with your name and how much you owe. This page will show you a bank name and routing number where you will wire the money.

(Transfer number)계좌번호1005-901-850975

(Bank) 은행명 우리은행

(Recipient)예금주 한국유방건강재단(대구)

Click 확인 one more time and done!

Good Luck!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for this. I'm moving to Korea in two weeks and hoping to be able to run the race in Gwangju that you listed, provided that June 6th, Memorial Day, is a holiday for NETs too. Just curious, did you have a time chip?


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