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So, as you probably know, Pinterest is all the rage these days. Beautiful pictures of arts and crafts and interesting recipes shared for all the crafty, hip people of today. I often joke that any time I get an idea off Pinterest and then try it for myself, it should end up on my own make-believe site of In other words, I should just stay off Pinterest.

I’m good at some things, like taking pictures, writing blogs, stalking people on Facebook, and hanging out with Finn or Whit. But when it comes to being domestic, most of the time I’d rather just pour myself a glass of wine, let out a big sigh, and admit I’d rather just pass.

Well, yesterday, I decided it was time for me to cook a decent meal for my family. For about a month now, the only groceries we’ve bought has been fruit, milk, and cereal. Everything else has been eaten out. We’ve been on a Korean food binge, stuffing our faces with kimchi, grilled pork, lettuce wraps, and every kind of scrumptious Korean side dish we could get our hands on after a year in the Korean food desert of the South.

Yesterday I was wanting something vegetarian, green, and hearty. So Finn and I brainstormed in the apartment before we headed down to our neighborhood store. We came up with two ideas–vegetarian stuffed bell peppers and a strawberry bread pudding for dessert. Well, Finn was still talking about the birthday cake he had at school, so he wasn’t much help. In fact, cooking at home with a two-year-old is a lot like trying to bathe a cat. But harder.

So, in the fashion of beautiful food blogs and Pinterest-worthy write-ups everywhere, I give to you my version of my own dinner, recipes and process yesterday. Miraculously, it turned out beautiful and delicious. And Whit might still be wondering where his real wife had gone if not a whole bottle of wine had also gone missing during the process. Yes, she’s still in there somewhere.

But, here, I give you my real-world-as-a-mother-who-can’t-cook account:

I started here:
And here:

The peppers at our little grocery have been looking so good lately. Hence the idea. I started chopping.

Meanwhile, Finn would like a strawberry. “MOMMMMMMMMMY!!! MOMMMY! Strawberry?!??”

Can’t somebody for the sake of all motherhood sanity make a lock for the danged refrigerator? 
I found brown rice at our mart. Do you realize how amazing this is?!? Basically, it would be like you finding kimchi in your mailbox. Not  likely! (Actually I don’t think it’s technically brown rice as it translates to some sort of multi-grain. Ahh well. Close enough, says this lady in the kitchen!)
Isn’t it annoying when you’re following a recipe and they have beautiful pictures of their kitchen, with all their ingredients laid out perfectly? Well, not this blog. Not me. I work in something akin to a meth lab! 

And don’t forget Finn. He still wants a strawberry. “MOMMMMMMMMMMY!” (Please notice new toy car in the floor beside him. My awesome plan to thwart his attention while I cooked. Fail. Major.)
I quickly get back to work mixing my stuffing for the peppers. Brown rice, mushrooms, lots of yumminess in there. If you’re really interested, you should read the recipe. I wouldn’t trust me. Meanwhile, below, Finn continues his quest to empty the refrigerator. 

My Korean stove top. 


Ready to go in the oven for an hour, and Mommy and Finn can take a breather on the balcony with a drink. Part one: DONE. Bring it Part two!!!
We found this arm chair in our trash. Score. 

Mixing up my bread pudding

Feeding Finn dinner while I clean up my meth lab kitchen. 

Strawberries are in season right now in Korea, hence the idea for my bread pudding dessert.

In Korea, there is no garbage disposal and you can’t throw away food waste. You must collect it, bring it outside and put it in the food waste bin!

My dishwater and drying rack. It has a door that closes over it and you can turn on a heated dryer! Pretty fancy, I’ll say. Although I mostly love it because I keep half my clean dishes up there and the door closes over it.  



  1. Cooking with our kids is a lot more fun, I enjoyed seeing your son helping you making dinner. I love the idea using strawberries in puddings, I haven't try it but it think its perfect. I'm gonna try to this as soon as after my travel to Morocco.


  2. sherry says:

    I love seeing your kitchen and what you have to work with…I think you did an amazing job. I think I'll try the recipes too. I love pinterest and am addicted…glad to know my mess each time is how the real world operates.


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