Train to Incheon Airport

Travel just got a little better for you if you fly out of Incheon International Airport and live outside of Seoul. Just recently, from most major cities in Korea, you can now take the KTX directly from your city to the airport without having to transfer at Seoul Station. 

So for those of us that will soon have two kids, plus luggage this is a bit of a gift from the gods. I’ll also take it as a formal apology for shutting down the incredibly convenient Haeundae Station this year. Traveling to Haeundae Beach will never be the same.

For now the Korail site is only showing the trains below as options for people in Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon and Busan, but a Chosun Ilbo article seems to think there are, or will be, more. All of these screen captures came from July 2, 2014 and are certainly subject to change.

Here is what you can expect in the immediate future.

For those of you living in Daegu, there are 6 trains from Dongdaegu that take less than 3 hours.
At 51,000 won for a standard ticket and 25,500 won for kids.

In the AM at 5:48, 7:55, 8:48. In the afternoon at 12:50, 2:59, 5:18.


Unfortunately, for our friends in Gwangju there is only an evening train once a day. That takes 4 hours. Tickets are 48,600 for adult standard seating and 24,300 for children.

Only one at 6:15PM. 
From Daejeon you have a few more options. 33,600 for a standard adult and 16,800 for a child. All trains taking around 2 hours.
In the AM 5:55, 6:46, 8:54, 9:47. In the afternoon 1:43, 3:53 and 6:11.
From Busan expect to pay 64,700 for a standard adult, 32,300 for a child. At about 3hrs 45 minutes.

5:00, 8:00 AM and 12:00, 2:10 and 4:30 in the afternoon.

Now you have more options to get to the airport and for you train lovers, the trip just got a little more romantic. But don’t forget about the Express Buses. In most cases they leave every hour from major bus terminals and are one of the most comfortable options to and from the airport. The seats recline almost completely flat.
No doubt I’ll give these a whirl. My family is a sucker for the romantic. Nothing beats sipping a Hite in the dining car while listening to someone sing in the closet-size karaoke room watching the Korean countryside speed by at 300 km an hour. That’s the height of luxury.