Korea’s Bike Paths: Maps

We love Korea’s bike paths. They have added a whole new element to living in Korea. In almost every major city in Korea you can hop on a river bike path and cycle to some other part of the country.

In about 30 minutes of riding from our doorstep, through a college campus, a few rice fields and along a small stream path; we can be on the Geumho river bike path that, 40 kms later, will put us on the other side of Daegu and dump us on to Nakdong river bike path. The Nakdong path, about 380 kms from end to end, will take you from Andong to Busan mostly along dedicated bike paths. Amazing.

Most of the paths are in excellent shape. Occasionally, you come across parts in disrepair or under construction.
In June last year, I joined a group cycling tour from Seoul to Andong. Then over Chuseok, we hauled our 2-year old and rode from our doorstep to Busan. Both trips could not have been more amazing. They have given us another reason to get outdoors and enjoy camping and the Korean countryside.

The e-books give you a heads up on what to expect in certain areas. 
We navigated our trip mostly through Naver maps; not the best option for those with no Korean language experience, but they are incredibly detailed. For English speakers the e-books on the KTO’s site are a fantastic option. See the links to these maps below.

I highly recommend taking a weekend to check the paths out. You can start from home or put your bike underneath buses and get to your starting point. Then you can plan to camp or stay in motels along the way.

For example, on our trip from Daegu to Busan, we left from our house, camped two nights, slept in hotels two nights and took the slow train(Mugunghwa) from Busan back to Daegu with our bikes. There were no stressful situations with finding food, accommodations or transportation.

Good luck! Comment if you have any questions! We’ll try to help.

Also, check out BikeTours.com for guided trips in South Korea!

The e-books also lets you know where you can find important stops along the way.
Korea Bike Path Maps in English

Geumgang/Yeongsanggang– Southwest Korea. Primarily in the Jeolla province. 2 paths that go from Daejeon to Mokpo.

Nakdonggang– Southeast Korea. Andong to Busan. 
Hangang – Northwest-east Korea. Incheon to Chungju.
There are some road sections, but few. Riding with a kid in tow isn’t completely crazy.