Lee Min Ho: Still Hot

Since we returned to regular blogging, I’ve been checking in with our stats. Our all-time most hit blog? The one about Lee Min Ho. Not only is it the most hit, it’s the most hit 10 times over from the second most hit blog: Pregnancy in Korea.

Sad truth: Lee Min Ho has brought more people to our blog than our thoughts on Korean life. 

I have to admit, I thought he was a one hit wonder. But he is still getting it done.

He’s starred in 4 dramas since his big hit, Boys Over Flowers, released an album, has been the face of nearly every product in Korea, has a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Shanghai and is currently working on his first lead role in the movie Gangnam Blues. And the offers just keep rolling in.

Back in 2008 and 2009, we couldn’t help but watch Boys Over Flowers and Personal Preference every week with rapt attention. My wife later admitted to me that she crushed on Lee Min Ho, proving to me that no woman is safe from his sex appeal. She even demanded I get a pair of capris after he wore a pair on Boys Over Flowers.

I took to the internet this week to catch up with our old buddy/crush. Here were some of my favorite articles I found on him mostly for their bizarre nature. If you want more substance there is no shortage of information on this Korean heartthrob.

Fans Of Lee Min Ho And Kim Soo Hyun Argue About Their Idols – Fans argued about who is taller and has a smaller face. Lovely.

Not even close. Lee Min Ho is virtually a giant at 187 cms.

What Lee Min Ho Regrets About Kissing Park Shin Hye – This one is all about kissing his co-star who was unaware that it would be a passionate kiss and not the standard lip touch seen in most Korean dramas.

Lee Min Ho illegally stalked by extreme fans in China– China loves Lee Min Ho. Tsingtao reportedly spent nearly 1 million USD to bring him over. The video is worth watching to at least see the Chinese reporter’s microphone if not for seeing Min Ho’s gangster swagger.

It seems to me that Lee Min Ho is disappearing no time soon. Thankfully, though, his style is evolving, and I don’t have to go around calling my “capris,” “man-pris” anymore.


  1. Jenn says:

    I loved Boys Over Flowers!!!!! and he is very hot!


  2. True Jenn. There is no denying the hotness of Lee Min-Ho!


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