Finn at his first taekwondo class

The inevitable pull of Taekwondo

Finn started his first taekwondo class last week. He was nervous about it, but once his best friend Abby signed up, he was ready to go. Especially since that meant a really cool white uniform and a class with bigger kids who doted on him the entire time.

Finn at his first taekwondo class

6 fun facts about Taekwondo:

  1. Taekwondo is the national sport of South Korea.
  2. Taekwondo became An Olympic Sport in 2000.
  3. There are six colors of belts in the sport: white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black.
  4. The Taekwondo uniform is called a dobok.
  5. A taekwondo gym or studio is called a dojang.
  6. Taekwondo is also used by the South Korean military as part of its training.

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3 thoughts on “The inevitable pull of Taekwondo

  1. Kris Uy says:

    Great to see your son participating in taekwondo!
    I did it as a child and I still do it now and it has definitely helped keep me in shape, but overall it helped me memorize, practice and apply the success cycle as well and it’s stayed with even in every area of my life! I hope your son continues to participate!
    (It’s also a great family activity as well if you want to jump in. That’s why my dad signed us up in the first place!)


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