My Chuseok bike holiday from Seoul to Daegu

It’s now November 9th but my mind is still riding a bike in mid-October along Korea’s dedicated bike path from Seoul to our home in Gyeongsan. Since Korea’s Harvest Holiday, Chuseok, fell in such a way that the entire county got a 10 day holiday, we decided to take a bus up to Seoul and take a week to ride down with our kids and gear in tow to our front stoop. To put it simply, it was magical.

We joyously rode our bikes through rice fields and forgotten towns, played games and laughed until tears came, and ate kimchi and rice like Chosun kings. A month out, I am beginning to worry that no family trip I will take with my wife and kids will top those 8 days of simplicity.

Family travel in South Korea

We are going to revisit those days with a video (Coming soon!) and some informational blog posts. Until then, enjoy some of our B side photos I’ve been scrolling through on my phone today. And since this isn’t our first rodeo (but it is our longest). I’m embedding our last Chuseok trip at the bottom of this post.






Cycling in South Korea
A gorgeous day greeted us after a grey and wet ride the day before.


Family cycling in South Korea

Small hotels dot the Korean countryside.
Rain forced us into staying in a hotel with the smallest rooms in Korea, but they came with the nicest proprietors in the country.
The first few miles of our longest ride on the trip. 65 miles.


Sleeping in Gumi, South Korea
The kids crashed after a big day in Gumi.
Camping in South Korea
Camping in Korea is incredibly easy, safe, and accessible. Especially along the bike paths.

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