Kimchi and Cornbread was started by Lindsay Nash and Whit Altizer when they moved to South Korea in 2007.

They documented everything from how hard it was to say goodbye to their landlord and drop off most of their worldly belongs at the local Goodwill in Asheville, N.C. to traveling the coastlines of Korea and experiencing how raw writhing octopus tastes and sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Now,  they’re based along the beautiful shores of pretty Saipan and the Kimchi and Cornbread site features their writing, photography, family travel adventures, destination reviews, and more.

With their two young children, they travel frequently throughout Asia and love to write, photograph, and produce videos of their adventures.

This family isn’t rich (in Korean Won or US dollars) nor do they own stock in any airlines or have a secret sponsor or grandparent bankrolling their adventures. They simply love to travel, and believe that making their children citizens of the world is a top priority.

We believe that travel is discovery, and discovery is knowledge. This, we think, is the best gift we can offer our children.

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