To market, to market…

We have a fantastic traditional market in the heart of our little town. A whole world of slimy roped fish; green-rooted vegetables, colorful legumes, and shiny fruits beneath faded large umbrellas.

These markets aren’t new for us. We went often in Gwangju, and even took a trip once with a photo club to a nearby rural market. I’ve photographed them many times. I brought my camera along this time anyways, hoping to see the market in a new way.

Most of my images seem familiar to the ones I’ve taken before. But in the coming months, I’m going to try and see this market from a new angle, to capture it in a unique way. Maybe through Finn’s eyes, next go round.

We plan on going here once a week for groceries. It’s cheaper than the grocery store and more money is going to the farmer. Win-win.



This woman smiles at Finn, trying to get a response from him